See below with various trophies awarded at our yearly windup banquet. These range from First place to Most feared players.

sydspencememorialtrophy.jpg                            Syd Spence Trophy         

Syd Spence was one of the highest handicapped players during his playing years. And on one occasion won the Lockwood Trophy.

This trophy is awarded to the player making the highest single break while playing at a handicap or minus 30 or less during the regular league scheduled play.   

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tomhargreavesmemorialtrophy.jpg                                      Tom Hargreaves Trophy                                    tom-hargreaves-pic.jpg

This Trophy is awarded to the player with the highest single break during the league's match play and playoffs.

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wardetullockmemorialtrophy.jpg                          Warde Tulloch Trophy

This trophy is awarded  to the player voted as the most sportsmanlike by the league membership.

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kenvincentmemorialtrophy.jpg                            Ken Vincent Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the player that is the most respected by the league membership by their accomplishment of the best record over the season matches.  They are also known as the most feared player!

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jimsimmtrophy.jpg                              Jim Simm Trophy

This trophy was donated by Jim Simm, a life member, of the St. James Legion. It is to be presented to the team who scores the most wins through regular league play The League Aggregate Winner.

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chuckwernermemorialtrophy1.jpg                     Chuck Werner Memorial Trophy

Chuck was an avid English Billiard, and Snooker enthusiast. Chuck played in our league for many years. He played earlier at Rockwood ANAF and later at Charleswood Legion. One of his favorite lines was “ drive for show, put for dough” The trophy is awarded to the MVP of the playoffs. Chuck always said that there  always seemed to be one guy that stepped it up in the playoffs, and usually not the best player on the team. He always maintained a good sense of humor and sportsmanship during his matches. Hmmm!

Chuck and Tommy Hargreaves used to say we’re here to have fun boys.

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shield-09.jpg                         Jack Sparrow Memorial Shield

The Sparrow Shield is the prize we have set forth to accomplish at the end of the season.
    Originally the Burroughs and Watts Shield with Jack Sparrow being their Manitoba billiards equipment representitive. The shield was renamed the Jack Sparrow Shield after Burroughs and Watts discontinued the franchise. Jack died around 1967.

The shield is presented to the team which wins the league play offs - League Champions.

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thomasspearmanmemorialtrophy.jpg                               Thomas Spearman Trophy

This Trophy is awarded to the runner up in the finals. 2ND Place Trophy

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johnmiltonmemorialtrophy.jpg                           John (Jock) Milton Trophy

Jock Milton emigrated to Canada shortly after the end of the Second World War, settling in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He served one term as the president of the Army & Navy & A.F. Veterans---Young St. Unit.  He played in the billiards league for a few years and played at a handicap of minus 160 to minus 180.

Jock and his wife, a well known singer and entertainer at socials etc. returned to their native Scotland.  Where unfortunately, Jock was killed in an automobile accident.  A few years later, his wife and daughter visited Winnipeg and were approached by Jack McLean of the Young St. Unit wishing to donate a Trophy in the memory of her husband Jock.  The trophy was accepted and is presented to the team that places third in the league after the playoffs. 3rd Place Trophy


comment: My daughter found out about the Jock Milton trophy whilst >> looking on the internet for things about her grandad.


My name is Norma and my father was Jock Milton who the trophy is named after. I knew nothing about it's existence until she found the article about it. I was so surprised to learn of the trophy and that it is still being played for to this day.


It's lovely to think that my dad's name is still remembered in the place where he and my mum were so happy and where I was born. I am sad I never found out about it sooner as my husband and I visited my cousin and her husband in Winnipeg this past June and I would have loved to have come and seen the trophy and maybe have had my picture taken with it.


Oh well, perhaps next time we come over!! I am so delighted by this discovery and just wanted to let you know.


Yours, Norma Jack (nee Milton)

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stgeorgesclubtrophy.jpg                                      St Georges Trophy

This trophy was donated by then president Jack Underwood of the St. Georges Club, for inter club competition.  After about two years interest dwindled and play for the trophy discontinued. 

Secretary treasurer Tom Hargreaves, being a member of the St. Georges Club at that time, after numerous attempts to gain the trophy for the Veteran's English Billiards League, he was finally successful. 4TH Place Trophy.

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